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Do you comfort eat?

Is emotional eating part of your life?

Has emotional eating led to you being overweight?

If your answer is:

Yes I do comfort eat
Yes emotional eating is part of my life
Yes emotional eating has led to me being overweight

Then you have come to the right place.

I can help you change your dependency on comfort foods and comfort eating. 

Through the emotional eater programme you’ll learn to separate food from your emotions so that you cope better with your negative emotions and stop comfort eating.  By now you may be thinking that you’ve tried all the different ways there are to reduce your weight and stop comfort eating.

Perhaps you have tried numerous diets and they worked for a while then you put the weight back on.  As you may have found dieting doesn’t work. Why - because there is the psychological aspect to our relationship with food that diets often don’t take into account.

My name is Anne Morrison and I’ve worked with many clients, mainly women, who turn to food to bring comfort to their lives.  Perhaps they are unhappy in their relationship or lack of one, feel unhappy about themselves, or find it difficult to deal with other issues.  The one thing that is common to them all is that when they feel emotionally upset they turn to food: chocolate, cakes, crisps, etc., to reduce the pain of their emotions.

Before you read further why not take the emotional eater test and see how you score.  You may find that by taking the emotional eater test now you start to make connections between certain emotions and comfort food.