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By now you may find yourself wanting to break the self-defeating cycle of - feeling bad -  eating - feeling bad. To do so join the emotional eater programme here.  In just 10 sessions you’ll learn about yourself and how to help yourself break that link between food and emotions.  Your investment in your health and wellbeing is £179.95.

You sign up to the programme and within 24 hours you’ll receive the link to stage one of the course straight to your email.

This includes all documents and downloads relevant to that session.  You will receive the links for subsequent sessions at regular intervals so that you can download and have time to work through them. The last two sessions are one month apart so that there is support for you over a longer time period. You will also be given your link to the membership area.

Remember your Emotional Eater Test Score?
Well just think what it would be like if it was nil?

If you could say

Yes - I don’t comfort eat
Yes - emotional eating is no longer part of my life
Yes - I have reduced my weight and changed how I manage my emotions

What would your life be like?  Click here to sign up for your emotional eater course and make comfort eating a thing of the past for you.