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People have a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis but it is a really useful and helpful technique to know.  Being hypnotised can sometimes feel a bit like day dreaming.  You know there is other stuff going on outside but you don’t really pay attention to it.  Your mind is focused on what the therapist or you are saying to yourself.  You don’t have to be in a totally relaxed state to be hypnotised, you can be quite alert but your attention is on your inner self.  I combine hypnosis and CBT to help people make the changes they want to make.

When listening to the MP3’s make sure you are not driving or using machinery.  If you can sit comfortably where you’ll be relatively undisturbed that would be great.

There are a number of guided visualisations for you to listen to as you go through the course.  These are to help reinforce your conscious learning by helping you strengthen your unconscious or subconscious resources.  The inner part of you that has many resources and has learned different ways of coping.  Helping your conscious and unconscious minds work together to support the changes you will be going through means that you will be able to help yourself more quickly and easily.

Using visualisation, closed eye processes, what ever you want to call them, is an important way of reinforcing conscious learning.  Sports people use it all the time to help them visualise achieving their goal of winning a medal or race.  You can also use it to help problem solve or mentally prepare for interviews or meetings.  If you are not used to doing it take your time.  There will be times when it is easier than others.  Don’t worry if you can’t see a perfect picture. Just think about what it is you want to imagine. You may think about how it would feel or what sounds you are hearing or what words come to mind.  You might even get a sense of scents, tastes or different textures.

A nice way to start is to just sit and put your attention on something like a spot on the wall or you could light a candle (safely!) and just observe the flame.  Pay attention to it's movement, colour, heat, the way in which the wax melts. If you notice stray thoughts coming into your mind, just thank them and let them go and bring your attention back to the spot. This way you are training your mind and strengthening your mental muscles to help you focus your thought processes.