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The Emotional Eater Programme

This course has been developed to help you help yourself.  It is not a quick fix.  It does not involve constantly checking your calories, weekly weigh-ins or buying suplements. It does involve you in thinking about what you eat when and why you turn to food when you feel stressed, upset or down. The course will take you through a number of different stages to help you work through your relationship with food and the challenges and problems you face.

It is not designed for those who have been diagnosed with clinical anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.  If you are not sure about doing this course speak to your GP and tell them you are going to be following a self-study programme based on CBT and hypnosis to help you control your emotional and comfort eating.

You won’t be comfortable all the time. There will be times when you want to give up. There will be times when you wonder why you are doing it.  There are also times when you have made progress and have learned something new or tried a different action and achieved a different result. Imagine you have completed the course and achieved your goals. Just how good will that be?

This course has grown out of the work I do with individual clients.  I would love to be able to work face to face with everyone who wants to work with me but that’s not possible, so the next best way is through this course.  I can help you by guiding and teaching you the therapeutic process.  When you’ve worked through this course you will not only have made progress in your relationship with food but you’ll also know how to use it so that you can work on other issues you may face in the future. 

The course is based on cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnosis.  It is designed to allow you to help yourself but be guided by me via written documents, video and PowerPoint presentations, MP3’s and a members forum.

This Emotional Eater Programme is planned in three stages:

Stage 1

In this part of the course we’ll investigate your eating habits and help you start to change those.  This will include the MP3 Emotional Eater download that lasts about 30 minutes and to which you can listen to on a regular basis.

We will explore your attitude and beliefs in relation to food and help you understand what is helpful and what is not.

Stage 2

In these sessions we explore in more depth when you eat for your emotions and work on one particular time when you experienced a strong negative emotion.  We choose one time as this allows us to dig down to the unhelpful belief that is driving your actions, thoughts and feelings.  (This process will become clearer as you work through the programme).

We challenge the unhealthy belief and develop helpful self-talk (thoughts) that you will then practice and rehearse for yourself. You will also start to behave in new ways as you learn new ways of coping and thinking.

Stage 3

By now you’ll be well on the way to separating your emotions from the food you eat.  In this, the final part of the course, we’ll explore what could throw you off track and plan how you will handle those situations.  This may be friends and family being unsupportive or other things happening to which you respond in an unhelpful way.

The Sessions

There are 10 ‘sessions’ that you will have access to in a timed and planned way.  Each session builds on the last and there will be time between each session for you to do your own work that supports the work we do in the sessions.  If you think about it, you only have a short time in the session. So it is important that you help yourself between times by either listening to or reading the downloads or doing other work that has been recommended, such as trying out new behaviours.  It’s a bit like planning a holiday – I can be your tour guide but you are the one that has the experience!

After you have completed the first session you’ll be given a link to the online forum so that you can post questions or just share your progress with others doing this course.  I’ll also be posting information on this area too.

Access to sessions are spaced and timed.  After session 1, sessions 2 to 8 are available to download 5 days after downloading the previous session.  The material will be available to you to access up to a month after that time. This to encourage you to keep on track with the work. 

When I work with individual clients, the first three or so sessions are normally weekly and then start to space out a little, the maximum being a month apart, hence the cut off point.  We will be checking to see who has downloaded material and if there are any challenges do let me know.

Session 9 and 10 are 1 month apart, so in total we’ll be in contact with each other for about 3 months. 

Membership Forum

As part of the Emotional Eater programme you’ll be given access to a members’ forum.  This is for you to post your experiences and share what is going on for you during the course.  It will give you an opportunity to exchange thoughts and give mutual support to others on the course.  There will also be opportunities for live teleconferences with me. Membership will last for the duration of the course.